My Dallas to-do list

22 Jun

I have been a bad poster. This is mostly because I refuse to post just to post because then I feel like it’s all “I’m trying to be funny, but this isn’t really funny, and now I just feel stupid.” And then I realized, this is my blog. No one has to read it if they don’t want to, so I can post whatever I want! SO THERE! So it might not be funny. It might not be a rant. It might not involve F bombs. And if you don’t like it, you can leave. My house, my rules.

editors note: above rant is to the voices in my head, not any actual humans. You’ve all been quite pleasant.

SO. My first order of business in bringing sexythe blog back, is to update my Dallas to-do list. This only includes places I have not been! But I may list some old favorites at the bottom just for good measure. Today’s neighborhood is my new stomping ground: Lakewood. Some of these might border on East Dallas, but I’ll have a seprate list for that ‘hood. Enjoy!

I just recently moved over to lower lower Greenville, so while I know Henderson and Greenville well, I am on a mission to hit up some East Dallas spots I had no clue existed 3 months ago.

Food & Drink

Legal Grounds – Abrams between La Vista and Richmond
Obviously I’m down to try anywhere that serves coffee (living behind Pearl Cup has been great!), so I need to try this spot. It is also intriguing to me because the Yelp reviews seem to be either raves or rants. Which probably means the ranters probably just have their panties in a twist because this place doesn’t pump out coffee as fast as starbucks. According to supporters, I’ll die if I don’t try the “prom cakes” – pancakes made from oatmeal with granola and bananas. Sounds good to me, I’ll have an expresso, too. They also have a Godiva hot chocolate I wouldn’t mind trying on a cold night with a good book.
Can’t find a website, but there’s a short video with owner interview here.

Garden Cafe – 5310 Junius (near Munger & Gaston)
Open Tues – Sunday 8am – 2pm, with breakfast served all day. They grown seasonal fruits, veggies, and herbs in their garden. Healthy, local fare, plus it looks really cute! They also do events during the evenings since the restaurant is not open for dinner.

White Rock Local Market – Held at the Green Spot the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month
I haven’t checked out this farmer’s market yet, and need to. Every market is different, so it’s fun to peruse them all! Maybe I’ll stop by after checking off another of my to-do’s: Kayaking on White Rock. I was happy to discover they offer canoe and kayak rentals after thinking no place in Dallas (at least close to me) offered this. Should be a nice little Saturday morning, no?

Green Spot also has a Produce Club, which I think is kind of cool because part of the proceeds go to local farming and agriculture initiatives and you get local, organic goodies! For a $25 annual fee, you get a t-shirt, 10% discount on produce, invitations to Green Spot cooking demonstrations, and recipe exchange programs. They will also accomodate special orders.

Eddie’s Deli – 5844 Abrams
Chicago beef in Dallas. It’s no secret I am partial to Jimmy’s (read my yelp review here), but I feel like I should try Eddie’s just to say I have. They are closed Sundays, but it’s a cheap dog  ($5 average) for you hungry hungry hippos Monday – Saturday.

Cafe Donuts – Mockingbird and Abrams
I’m generally a healthy eater, especially for breakfast, but I’ve heard this place has the best sausage rolls known to man. Being a huge fan of the Czech Bakery as a frequent Austin traveler, I must review and decide for myself!

Molly Maguires – Skillman and Live Oak
I’m Irish. Nuff said. Except I should also add they have a great beer selection and call their kids’ menu the Leprechaun Menu. Not that I encourage bringing kids to a bar… but whatever.


The Balcony Club – Abrams & La Vista, attached to Lakewood theater
They have a few different Jazz bands playing every night, some regularly scheduled groups and some randoms. Sounds like a fun little joint to have a few drinks.

The Summer Concert Series at the Arboretum
Tickets are usually around $10 and are outdoors overlooking White Rock Lake. The line up is actually pretty good! Spazmatics, Bon Jovi tribute bands, etc.


Paperbacks Plus – Located in the back of the lakewood shopping center on Skillman and Live Oak
I drive past this all the time leaving yoga and really need to stop in. I’ve heard there are great deals on used books and music and that the store is always promoting local events and artists. SUPPORT THE LOCALS!

Talulah Belle – 2011 Abrams
Looks like Francesca’s meets organized Gypsy Wagon. I’m always looking for knick knacks, cards, and fun accessories (that I usually end up never wearing but were just too cute to pass up). I’m hoping the prices for most items fall more into the Francesca’s range.

Curiosities – 2025 Abrams
Some crazy antique store that I am dying to check out. The reviews had me at “neon yard gnome.” Yeah, you heard me. Regardless of whether I will buy anything here, it is on my list of places to go when I’m bored on Sunday afternoon, because despite my own minimalist style, I love rifling through other people’s crap and imagining where on earth they found these gems in the first place.

Redenta’s – Skillman and Oram
Now, there’s not much I can do garden-wise since I live in an apartment. But I do want to get some stuff to put on my balcony. And none of those tacky hanging plants in plastic buckets or dried of shriveled messes strewn about my neighbors’ humble abodes. I’m going to get some of those nice small flower beds you can hang over the side of the balcony and grow some pretty flowers…. or at least buy some pretty flowers and pray I don’t forget to water them. Stayin alive, stayin alive…

So that’s my list. Please feel free to leave any recs I might have missed….

Oh, and the honorable mentions I frequent:
Times Ten Cellars
The Wine Therapist

Penne Pomodoro ($1 bloody marys, hell yes!)
La Calle Doce (get the ceviche)
Matt’s Rancho Martinez
Lakewood Landing
The Goat (7248 Gaston) – kareoke and seriously cheap drinks


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