An update

7 Jul

Oh let’s see, what all has happened in the past 5 months?

I’ve gone to multiple weddings, some friends had baby showers, celebrated a few birthdays, and, oh yeah, I moved 2,000 miles away from everything I’ve ever known. Because I have no ties. And I needed a change.

To be honest, it’s gone fairly well. I’ve been in Richmond for 5 weeks now and had to schedule myself a recovery weekend because I’ve been very “social” lately. Don’t get the wrong idea with the quotations – By social, I mean I’ve been out 4-6 nights a week for dinner and/or drinks. RVA has been great to me, I just needed a break from the world.

With that said, a weekend “in” means a little down time. You know, when the brain kicks in? I remembered that I miss my family & friends incredibly. The thing about a new place is that no one really knows you. People can be so nice, and so accommodating, and welcome you into their life, but they don’t really know you yet. This is the first time it really sunk in that I’m 2,000 miles away from a good hug, a random heart-to-heart, and a strong margarita.

I don’t regret coming to
Virginia. When it came down to it, I had become complacent in Dallas. I didn’t see myself going anywhere. I was so stuck in routine it was disgusting, and I wasn’t growing, personally or professionally.

My biggest fear in Richmond Is not being able to make legitimate girl friends. The kind you can tell anything to. can make guy friends in a second, they’re easy – we drink beer. But girls? I feel Creepy. It’s like I’m clawing their arm asking to be best friends or trying to wedge my way into an existing group. I’ll hope the paranoia is in my head. I think it is.

WHO WANTS TO BE BFF???? I promise bloody Mary’s, mimosas, and bacon.


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